2FM boss suggests Al Porter may return to radio once controversy settles

2FM boss Dan Healy has hinted that Al Porter could return to RTE radio, instead of his own Today FM, once the controversy settles.

Speaking to The Sun, Healy said “I don’t think he plays for 2fm. That doesn’t mean that RTE won’t engage him in the future if all the matters are resolved.

“Al is a very talented guy, and we haven’t seen how the next few months will settle with Al."

Following allegations of inappropriate behaviour made on social media and in several newspapers in November, Porter resigned from his position at Today FM as well as stepping aside from his role in this year’s Olympia Panto.

At the time he issued a statement in which he said that he had been unaware of the complaints or the impact of his conduct until now and is “truly sorry for any distress” he may have caused.

Reflecting on the controversy Healy continued: “The reality is he is a guy who oozes talent.”

“Until he is through all that, we won’t comment on that one way or another.”

By Anna O'Donoghue

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