11 pictures of Kanye West looking unhappy during Fashion Week

Kanye surprised New York Fashion Week designers and fans with a spontaneous fashion show.

And what better way to celebrate that than with a gallery of Kanye looking a bit sad during Fashion Week. Here goes.

1. Kanye on his way to NYFW this year. What a treat.

2. A thorn between two roses. That’s the expression, right?

3. Camera-shy Kanye.

4. (Inaudible grunting)
5. Pathetic fallacy.
6. When your mouth says “happy” but your eyes say, “not today guys, not today”.
7. ‘Cause all of my kindness, is taken for weakness.’
8. Kanye offended by some blue tights.
9. “Don’t look at me”.

10. Fashion is a burden no celebrity should ever have to bear.
11. Kanye looked up at The Man. He looked deep into the white eyes of The Man, and he said: “Not today, The Man. Not today.”

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