11 emotions we went through while watching explosive BBC drama The Scandalous Lady W

It is a story that’s meant to tug our heartstrings.

A young and lonely Lady Seymour Worsley is trapped in a torturous marriage to Sir Richard Worsley. And oh, her husband takes some perverted pleasure in watching her have sex with other men.

But how did we find this bodice-ripping period drama and a juicy public divorce case that gripped society in the 18th century?

Here’s how we felt while watching the show.

1. First up, we were pretty excited

Surely a show with the word ‘scandalous’ in its title should be gripping.

2. We fell in love with the costumes

We couldn’t get enough of those spectacular Georgian gowns.

3. We were bowled over by Natalie Dormer

The Game of Thrones beauty certainly looked exquisite as Lady Worsley.

4. Lord Worsley made us cringe with disgust

What kind of a husband wants to watch his wife sleep with other men and plays Peeping Tom?

5. We couldn’t figure out whether the show was a comedy or not

Despite narrating a tale of shocking abuse and humiliation, the show had a surprising comic treatment to it.

6. We were eager to learn some new Georgian phrases

Suddenly 18th-Century vocabulary became rather popular amongst the Twitterati, especially “quim”.

7. Although we weren’t really that keen on the time jumps

The 90-minute show had a lot of flashbacks – flitting between Lady Worsley’s sex life, her elopement and George Bisset’s trial.

8. And we had absolutely NO SYMPATHY whatsoever for a man like Lord Worsley

A man who bullies and humiliates his wife deserves to be punished.

9. Lord Worsley finally got what he deserved and we were pleased

Finally, everyone in court saw the true colours of Lord Worsley, aka posh pervert, and he faced public humiliation.

Despite being unwilling to divorce his wife, Worsley later caved in, presumably to save his face and stop his wife from squandering all his money.

10. However we couldn’t cope with Captain George Bisset’s shocking confession

Lady Worsley and her lover George Bisset meant to start a new life together, but her desire to wreak vengeance on her husband may have tainted their relationship.

“My love for you has declined,” he simply said and that was the end of their torrid love affair.

11. But our hearts went out to Lady Worsley as she emerged with her head held high

Let’s just say all worked well for Lady Worsley in the end – she got married again and her second husband took HER name.

Although what happened to Jane – the illegitimate daughter of Captain Bisset and Lady Worsley – remains unclear.

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