Indonesia blast

  • 264 days ago

    Indonesian teenager survives 49 days adrift at sea on wooden fishing raft

    An Indonesian teenager has survived 49 days adrift at sea after the wooden fish trap he was employed to mind slipped its moorings.

  • 5385 days ago

    Indonesia embassy bomb: Police detain five

    Indonesian police have detained at least seven people including a would-be suicide bomber over possible links with the suspected masterminds of last week’s deadly bombing at the Australian Embassy.

  • 5389 days ago

    Keys cancels Jakarta gig

    R&B star Alicia Keys has pulled out of a concert in Jakarta, Indonesia, following a bomb attack on the Australian embassy last Thursday.

  • 5389 days ago

    Van chassis number found in embassy bomb probe

    Police investigating the deadly suicide attack on Australia’s embassy in Jakarta have found the chassis number of the van that carried the bomb, a key piece of evidence in their hunt for the killers.

  • 5392 days ago

    Indonesian police 'received text message warning of blast'

    Police received a phone text message before the Australian Embassy bombing, warning that foreign missions in Jakarta would be attacked unless the alleged head of the Jemaah Islamiyah terror group was freed, Australia’s foreign minister said today.

  • 5393 days ago

    Fugitive suspected after Australian embassy bomb kills seven

    A bomb attack near the Australian Embassy in Indonesia today in which at least seven people were killed may have been the work of a British-trained engineer who has eluded capture for nearly three years, Malaysian security officials said.

  • 5392 days ago

    Jakarta blast may have targeted Australian election

    Al-Qaida-linked fanatics were being hunted in Indonesia tonight after a car bomb blast outside the Australian embassy in Jakarta killed nine people and wounding 160 in a devastating strike on a key US ally in the war in Iraq.

  • 5393 days ago

    Australian embassy blast kills six

    A huge bomb exploded near the Australian embassy in Indonesia’s capital today, killing at least four people and injuring nearly 100.