Zappone says abortion debate shouldn't turn into shouting match

The Minister for Children Katherine Zappone says she doesn't want the abortion debate to turn into a shouting match.

The Cabinet will meet today to sign off on the bill to hold a referendum on the 8th Amendment.

Yesterday, the Supreme Court paved the way for a vote after it ruled that the rights of the unborn are limited to the 8th Amendment of the constitution.

Minister Katherine Zappone says the campaign needs to be respectful.

"Obviously we don't want it to become a shouting match where people are effectively abused in the kind of language or literature that's sent or the kind of thing that happened in the past," she said.

Ministers will be asked to sign off on the Referendum Bill today, which outlines what question will be asked to people in a vote, with the public expected to go to the polls by the end of May.

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