Youth group welcomes Government decision to set digital age of consent at 13

There has been a broad welcome from youth groups on the Government's decision to set the so-called 'digital age of consent' at 13.

Yesterday, the Cabinet came to an agreement on the age, which allows teenagers to sign up to social media profiles without needing permission from parents.

The new EU rules allow individual member states to set the age anywhere between 13 and 16.

Executive director for Ian Power believes it was the right decision.

"It makes no sense, from our perspective, to try to police the age of users online, when we know that verifying ages aren't confirming parental consent, would have almost been impossible to meaningfully enforce," he said.

"So we think, from our perspective, it would be a much better use of everybody's time to start looking at responses that will actually work and make young people safer online."

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