Yesterday’s tornados ‘almost unheard of’

There were two tornadoes reported in Ireland yesterday — one in Meath and the other in Mitchelstown, Co Cork.

During heavy showers in the town, a motorist reported seeing the twister at 4pm. There were no injuries or damage caused.

There are normally 10 tornadoes reported every year in Ireland, mostly in August. Two in one day is almost unheard of, according to a Met Éireann spokesperson.

Meanwhile, a Donegal postman renowned for accurately predicting the weather claimed the summer was about to make a comeback.

Michael Gallagher, who learned his unorthodox techniques from families in Donegal’s Blue Stack mountains, insisted the misery was at an end.

“Don’t despair. Don’t throw in the towel. The signs are very good for a nice spread of dry weather from now on in,” he said.

Mr Gallagher, a postman of 40 years, predicts the outlook by examining the habits of the existing weather as well as birds, livestock and even pets.

The 60-year-old said the new moon coming in, the heather blossoming and the animals heading for the hills all pointed towards a switch from the incessant downpours.

“Once you see the animals coming down off the mountains, it’s a very bad sign.

“They’re coming for shelter, looking for houses, ditches and trees. But when they are heading back up into the hills they know good weather is coming.

“I have just come from the Blue Stacks and the animals are all heading for the hills.

“However, there’ll be little storms from now on, the odd bit of thunder maybe,” he said.

Unfortunately, Michael’s outlook is not shared by Met Éireann who insist more rain is on its way.

Forecaster Eoin Sherlock said the heavy weather would continue for another day, before a better spell on Friday.

“A band of rain is moving in from the Atlantic with the risk of more localised flooding,” at the weekend,” he said.

Article courtesy of The Evening Echo newspaper

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