Would-be designer of rival Angry Birds game, breaks leg while stealing computers

A court has heard how a DCU student broke his leg after jumping from a computer lab window while trying to steal computers to design a game to rival Angry Birds.

Femi Adekele of the Maiston, Ballymun spent 12 hours lying in a bush on December 22, 2012 after his fall. His friend returned with a wheelbarrow the next morning to rescue him.

Adekele planned to make his fortune by designing a computer game called Angry Pigs.

He hoped it would rival the popular Angry Birds game and decided to steal some equipment for his enterprise.

On December 22, 2012, he broke into DCU's computer lab and was stuffing Apple computers into shopping bags when two security guards walked in.

To avoid getting caught, he jumped from an upstairs window.

He broke his leg in the fall and his friend left him lying in a bush for 12 hours. The friend returned the next morning with a wheelbarrow.

The 25-year-old student was then caught being wheeled off campus and was arrested on burglary charges after his friend abandoned the rescue operation.

Today, his lawyer said his client's crimes ended in a "farcical conclusion" and noted that he had not tried to conceal his identity.

Taking his otherwise clean record into account, Judge Martin Nolan then handed Adekele, who is from Nigeria, a two-year sentence which he suspended in full.

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