Women’s Mental Health Network: Covid-19 is deepening gender inequalities

There has also been an increase in domestic violence nationally and internationally since the Covid-19 crisis began.

The Covid-19 crisis is deepening gender inequality in Ireland, according to the Women’s Mental Health Network

A new survey from the Central Statistics Office has revealed almost 4 in 10 women are now feeling downhearted and depressed.

It has also highlighted that since Covid-19 restrictions came in to effect more women have increased their consumption of cigarettes and alcohol than men.

Louise O'Leary, co-founder of the Women’s Mental Health Network, says there are a number of reasons why the crisis is having a more adverse impact on women.

She says: "This pandemic and its implications are deepening gender inequalities. So for women what that might mean is that women are currently taking on a much greater level of caring responsibilities,

"Whether because of school closures especially for lone parents or whether it is supporting family members who are cocooning.

"We also know sadly there has been an increase nationally but also worldwide in domestic violence."