Women of Ireland's Magdalene laundries to be remembered today

We are being asked to remember the women of Ireland's Magdalene laundries today.

Flowers will be laid at the graves of over 1,600 women who spent time in the workhouses around Ireland later, in a bid to pay respect to those who suffered under the regime.

Campaigners say more needs to be done to address the human rights abuses they suffered.

Claire McGettrick of the Justice for Magdalene's group says we should never forget what they went through.

"We are going to be gathering at Magdalene graves around the country and every city and town that had a Magdalene laundry.

"All we're asking is for the public to come forward with bunches of flowers and just to simply lay flowers at the graves of these women, so that we can remember what they went through and that for one day of the year at least they are given some dignity and respect."


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