Woman on gastric-band waiting list fears for her life

St Vincents Hospital

A Kildare woman has been speaking of her fears she might die before she gets surgery to help her lose weight.

Susan Lyons is one of 180 people who had been on a waiting list to have a gastric band fitted at St Vincent's Hospital in Dublin.

It emerged earlier this month that the procedures were being cancelled in a bid to cut spending.

Ms Lyons had been on the list for two years, and she has described how her health is deteriorating.

"It's like they're playing with my life," she said.

"Am I going to be here next year? Can I wait another four or five years on the waiting list? I don't really think so.

"I was only in hospital a couple weeks ago, they thought with a mini-heart attack.

"They had me hooked up to machine sot make sure my heart was pumping right - it was frightening.

"It was like: 'Are my kids going to get up this morning, and I'm going to be gone'."

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