Woman jailed for sexually abusing young daughter

A woman from the west of Ireland has been sentenced to almost 10 years in jail for the sexual assault and exploitation of her five-year-old daughter.

The mother, who cannot be named for legal reasons, came before Longford Circuit Court today.

She had previously pleaded guilty at another court to 12 counts of sexual assault, exploitation, and child cruelty on dates between 2004 to 2008.

The mother was today sentenced to 14 years in prison, with four-and-a-half suspended.

In handing down judgement, Judge Tony Hunt said guidance from a superior court would have been helpful, as he had never come across such a case.

The offences came to light after the girl was taken into care with her siblings in 2008.

A man, a neighbour of the accused and the victim, was previously jailed for eight years for the rape of the child.

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