Woman charged with murder of Dublin man

A 41-year-old woman has been charged with the murder of Dublin man Tyrone McKenna.

The 42 year old's body was found on Thursday evening, at the foot of the stairs in the home he shared with his father in Rathfarnham.

Merci Peters, originally from Sierra Leone, but currently of no fixed abode, has been remanded in custody.

There were tense scenes at the Criminal Courts of Justice this afternoon as Ms Peters became visibly distressed.

She was barefoot but dressed in casual, tracksuit attire.

Judge Michael Coughlan ordered that an immediate medical and psychiatric assessment be carried out.

Reacting to this, Merci Peters rose from her seat and began yelling.

She said "I stabbed the man in full knowledge of what was going on! - self defence - no psychiatric assessment".

She was restrained by Gardai and carried out of court kicking and screaming.

Merci Peters has been remanded in custody and will appear in court again next Thursday, July 24.

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