Woman broke victim's jaw, bit her and pulled out chunks of hair in boxer-shorts row

A court has heard a 27-year-old mother broke another woman's jaw, bit her cheek and pulled out "chunks" of her hair during a drunken fight at a house party.

The row broke out when the victim Fiona Benson tried on a man's boxer shorts.

Ms Benson was viciously attacked after she went upstairs at the party in Clarehall and tried on someone else's boyfriend's boxer shorts.

She was told by mother-of-one Kelly McGlynn: "You can't be upstairs rooting around", and she was ordered to leave the party.

The drunken row became violent. A witness said the two women were on the ground pulling hair.

They were separated, but then there "was just murder again" when Kelly McGlynn punched her victim in the face, bit her right cheek and took chunks out of her hair, leaving her victim with a fractured cheekbone.

The 27-year-old of Holywell Rise, Swords has pleaded guilty to assault causing harm in April 2011. She will be sentenced in May.

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