Woman brings compensation to court after breaking jaw in fight

A mother-of-one who broke a woman's jaw during a fight at a house party in Clarehall in Dublin has handed over €800 in compensation to her victim.

Kelly McGlynn of Holywell Rise in Swords attacked the woman after she put on a pair of her aunt's boyfriend's boxer shorts.

The fight broke out at the home of Kelly McGlynn's aunt in Clarehall in the early hours of Apr 30 2011.

It lasted only five minutes but the victim said she was left traumatised and suffered panic attacks and nightmares for several months afterwards.

The court heard that McGlynn ordered the woman to leave after she went upstairs and put on a pair of her aunt's boyfriend's boxer shorts.

The victim told Gardaí that the 27-year-old mother of one then grabbed her hair and pulled her to the ground.

McGlynn punched her in the face, bit her cheek and left her with several bald patches on the top of her head after pulling chunks of hair out.

Lawyers for McGlynn claim she was "utterly taken aback" when she learned of the injuries caused and she brought €800 in compensation into court today.

The money was accepted by her victim and McGlynn is due to be sentenced in July.

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