Woman awarded €247,000 after golfer fails to shout fore after 'freak' shot

A Dublin woman has been awarded €274,000 in damages after she was hit in the head by a stray golf ball.

Mary Brennan from the Park in Cabinteely suffered a stroke just days after the accident at a club in Co Wicklow in April 2009.

On the date in question, Patrick Trundle took a shot from the rough on the 18th hole at Old Conna Golf Club in Bray, Co Wicklow.

Fellow club member Mary Brennan was standing on the balcony of the nearby clubhouse chatting to some friends.

The experienced golfer hit what was described as a "freak and wayward" shot that ended up striking Mrs Brennan on the top of her head.

He never shouted "fore" but told the court it didn’t even enter his head as he was certain his shot was heading towards the green.

Mrs Brennan was admitted to hospital a few days later and was told she had suffered a stroke.

She still suffers from headaches and no longer plays the game she loves due to a fear of getting hit again.

Her injury has dashed her dream of travelling the world playing golf with her husband, she said.

Today, the High Court ruled that Mr Trundle's failure to shout "fore" was negligent and he was ordered to pay over €274,000 in damages.

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