Woman at centre of abortion controversy 'first asked for termination at eight weeks'

It has emerged the woman at the centre of the latest abortion controversy first requested her pregnancy be terminated at eight weeks.

It had been reported that the woman - who is not Irish - only found out about her pregnancy in the second trimester, but that is now being disputed.

The woman applied for an abortion under the new Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act as she was suicidal, a fact accepted by two psychiatrists.

However an obstetrician eventually concluded the baby must be delivered by C-section as the pregnancy was over 23 weeks.

Socialist TD Ruth Coppinger said she wanted to know whether any stalling tactics were used.

"Is it the case that the denial of her request (for an abortion at eight weeks) for 12 or more weeks was a result of the new cumbersome, and unworkable, legal framework, or is there a deliberate attempt going on here to delay?" she asked.

"Well the law that was voted on n the Dáil is an absolute farce."

Earlier, Deputy Coppinger called on the Taoiseach to recall the Dáil earlier to discuss the abortion laws.

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