Wolfe Tones pulled from Aer Lingus flights

Aer Lingus has removed rebel and republican songs from its in-flight entertainment on trans-Atlantic flight after complaints from UUP member Roy Beggs.

Ulster Unionist Assembly member Roy Beggs Jnr, complained to the airline after finding what he branded a “blatant promotion of militant, armed republicanism” on a music channel during a flight from Dublin to Boston.

He said he and a party colleague had been shocked to read in the in-flight magazine there was a radio channel dedicated to songs from ex Wolfe Tones folk singer Derek Warfield.

They included such titles as ‘Remember Bobby Sands’ ‘Ten Dead Men’ ‘Volunteers of Ireland’ and ‘Fighting Irish’.

The furious politician wrote to Aer Lingus complaining.

In the current climate of international terrorism, said Mr Beggs, it was the same as “the speeches of Osama Bin Laden being played on a trans-Atlantic Arabian airline.”

An Aer Lingus spokeswoman said the music, supplied by an in-flight entertainment company, had been axed.

“It is something that should not have been on board and we removed it immediately we became aware of it.”

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