Witness in murder trial claims he was targeted by gunman

A key witness in the trial of a man accused of murdering a Roma teenager claims there was an attempt on his life three years after she was killed.

Fergus O'Hanlon is giving evidence in the trial of Alan Wilson of New Street Gardens, Dublin 8, who stands accused of killing Mariora Rostas in 2008.

From the stand last week, O'Hanlon claimed he helped Alan Wilson dispose of Mariora's body in the Wicklow mountains.

Before that, he said he was ushered to an upstairs bedroom at his home on Brabazon St. where her body lay on the floor with a hole in her forehead.

During cross examination today, he claimed a lone gunman shot him five times in the back as he walked towards Rathmines three years later.

He said he survived the attack because he was wearing a bullet proof vest but Gardaí found no evidence of the shooting

Mr O'Hanlon was today accused of being a "cold, manipulative liar" but despite initially lying to Gardaí about Mariora's death, he insists he's now telling the truth.

Mariora was last seen begging in the south inner city in Jan 2008. It's alleged she was abducted before being shot dead and buried in a shallow grave where her body remained until it was found four years later.

Alan Wilson denies her murder and the trial is due to resume hearing evidence tomorrow.

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