Wikipedia page for Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch still in Google search

A Wikipedia page featuring information on convicted criminal Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch is still live on Irish Google search results, despite a reportedly successful request to have links to the page removed.

The Wikipedia page for the convicted Irish criminal has been one of the first pages subject to a request for removal from search engine results in certain European countries.

The request has come after the EU's new 'Right to be Forgotten' legislation was passed as a part of European data protection law.

It is not known who made the request to have the Wikipedia link removed from Google search. The link will fail to apear only if a search term is used which features the name of the person who made that request. A search query for 'Gerry Hutch' continues to return the link today, which suggests he did not himself make the request.

While the main Wikipedia page featuring Gerry Hutch is still accessible to browsers in Ireland, certain links and information that is deemed "outdated" or "irrelevant" to other European countries will be removed from search engine results across the EU.

The Wikimedia Foundation, which runs Wikipedia, has received multiple applications to remove certain Wikipedia content from European search results, since the EU's Right to be Forgotten legislation came into force in May.

Wikimedia itself only knows about the removals because Google sent out notices. Some search engines have not sent out notices and therefore may have removed links from their results without Wikimedia's knowledge.

The Wikimedia Foundation also said that it does not know who requested the removals, and that it may not be the subject of an article who made the request.

Widely known as the Monk, Gerry Hutch is a former convicted Irish criminal who has been depicted in various films and television series and is alleged to have been one of Ireland's most successful bank robbers.

Additional research by David Gilbert

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