Whistleblowers 'seen as not being on the team': Guerin report

Sgt Maurice McCabe

The Guerin report into alleged garda misconduct found concerns over the adequacy of the investigations into Sgt McCabe's complaints and whether all appropriate steps were taken.

Sean Guerin concluded that there was a danger in policing circles that a critical voice is heard as a contrary one.

“The whistleblower, like the referee from whom he gets his name, is seen as someone who is not on the team,” it said.

“The challenge of accommodating and learning from the legitimate criticism is always going to be a difficult one, especially in a disciplined force.”

The review said that whistleblower Sgt Maurice McCabe was found to have acted without malice in making his reports of wrongdoing.

But Mr Guerin said the officer – respected by four high ranking officers who gave glowing references of his police work – suffered personal and professional consequences which give cause for concern.

The report has called for a state inquiry to specifically examine:

:: The Garda investigations into several public order incidents and a possible sex assault in Co Cavan in 2007;

:: The handling of an assault and a child abduction by killer Jerry McGrath in Tipperary and his bail arrangements;

:: The assault and false imprisonment of a girl in Cavan in 2007;

:: The loss of a computer seized in the investigation of sex offences and child pornography by a priest.

:: Malpractice and corruption relating to the Garda records system Pulse.

:: The investigation by the Garda Commissioner and Justice Minister into the concerns raised by the whistleblower.

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