Whistleblower: Ex-Garda confidential recipient hasn't explained his actions

John Wilson.

One of two garda whistleblowers whose claims are now the subject of an independent inquiry says the former garda confidential recipient Oliver J Connolly has yet to explain his actions.

Mr Connolly, who was sacked by the Government a fortnight ago, issued a statement today (below) criticising opposition parties, the media and a whistleblower for revealing excerpts of alleged conversations taped without his knowledge.

Mr Connolly says the revelations have trampled on his rights and the rights of his family, and he will not be confirming if the excerpts read into the Dáil record are accurate.

Former garda John Wilson, who came forward with claims of malpractice concerning penalty points, says Mr Connolly's statement does not address any of the questions which need to be answered:

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