Whiplash injuries 'a myth', claims former neurosurgeon

Whiplash is nothing but a gravy train for medics, victims and lawyers, according to a former neurosurgeon.

Dr Charles Marks, who now lectures at UCC, says the so-called spinal trauma is just a 'myth' made up to make money.

He claims that whiplash, among other injuries, have been “created by the medical profession in the second half of the 20th century.”

He added: “Whiplash in certain (but not all) affluent countries is big business, a multi-billion euro gravy train for the medical profession, victims and lawyers.”

Whiplash currently accounts for 80% of motor injury claims in Ireland, but Dr Marks says permanent forms are "non-existent".

Picture posed by model.

The Injuries Board disagrees, stating that whiplash injuries can, in extreme cases, cause “long lasting pain and permanent injury”

The theory has also been criticised by other medical professionals, including consultant at St James' Hospital, Colin Doherty.

"He's talking about the compensation process, so that usually takes several years, and once it's over, people like him don't see those patients anymore, they're seen by their GP," he said.

"If patients have long-term symptoms related to their accident, that has nothing to do with the compensation."


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