Weather warning for travellers

A weather warning has been issued to road and sea users as gusts of up to 140km/hr are expected to batter the west of the country.

The Irish Coast Guard and Road Safety Authority (RSA) have advised people to take extra care.

People are being told not go out on exposed coasts, cliffs, piers, or beaches during the inclement weather as high seas can pose a hazard.

Declan Geoghegan, Irish Coast Guard Manager, also warned people not to attempt to cross fast running rivers or floods as they may be stronger and deeper than you think.

“Flooded urban areas can contain hazards such as submerged manholes and downed power lines,” he said.

“The combination of tides, gale warnings, high sea conditions and swollen rivers may result in very dangerous conditions.”

Elsewhere the RSA warned road users to be aware of debris being blown out onto the road and vehicles veering, particularly high sided vehicles and motorcyclists.

Pedestrians and cyclists should also wear bright clothing with reflective armbands or a reflective belt.

“Take extra care when near traffic or crossing the road in extremely windy conditions as a sudden gust of wind could blow you into the path of an oncoming vehicle,” it added.

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