Weather report: Here's what to expect for the rest of the week (It's good news)

For anyone hoping for a few warm days with a sunny dispostion (everyone) you are in luck because that is exactly what Met Eireann is forecasting for the rest of the week.

We are not talking sun splitting the rocks, get your togs and head to the beach weather, but more a few days of respectably warm spring weather.

Today is expected to be mostly dry and cloudy, with some light showers across the northwest of the country. Highest temperatures are to be 11-13 degrees with a light breeze.

Tomorrow will be much the same and Friday is thought to be even better with forecasts of a dry day with sunny spells.

Saturday is expected to be even better with temperatures rising to 17 C with light southerly breezes.

That is the peak of the sunny streak with Sunday expected to be a cooler, cloudier day with patches of rain and drizzle over the northern half of the country.

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