'We want flesh on the bone': Teachers pressure McHugh to end 'pay discrimination' for recent hires

Members of the Teachers Union of Ireland have voted to strike by an "overwhelming" 92% to 8%.

Union leaders say they will act "strategically" to put pressure on the Government to increase pay for recent hires.

New secondary school teachers hired since 2011 have been on a lower pay scale than their more senior colleagues. Their union is demanding they be put on the same pay as their senior colleagues.

TUI president Seamus Lahart said they want to see action from Education Minister Joe McHugh.

"We will use this mandate at the most appropriate time in the most effective manner to end discrimination," he said.

"We are facing into a year of elections and we do intend to make pay discrimination an issue for every politician facing the electorate next year.

"Minister McHugh has told us he is intent on solving the issue, but we have seen no practical moves towards that...We want to see flesh on the bone."

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