We have nowhere else to turn, says cash-strapped animal centre

An animal centre in Kildare has said today that it needs to raise at least €8,000 “to simply catch up”.

The Kildare Animal Foundation made the appeal on its Facebook page today, stating “We have nowhere else to turn”.

Describing the situation as “now very serious”, spokesperson Geraldine O'Hanlon outlined the extent of the centre’s financial plight.

“We need help,” she stated.

“Those who supply us with food and provide veterinary care have been more than patient. It is now almost seven weeks since we have been able to make any payments. Our electricity supply is tenuous on a very severe and unsustainable payment demand.

“Every coin jar has been emptied, every pocket searched and we have nowhere else to turn.

“The cause is simple – there are more animals than ever coming to us for care and fewer people in a position to donate. We have not been extravagant or wasteful, there is more going out than coming in.”

“We do not engage in random and regular appeals. We ask now only when we have nowhere else to turn.

“Please if you can, help us to turn this situation around so we can go back to what we do best.”

Anyone wishing to donate to the centre can do so via the Kildare Animal Foundation’s website.

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