Wanted man from Poland found in Dublin after six years

A man wanted in Poland on charges of violent robbery, racketeering and extortion has been arrested in Dublin after he skipped bail six years ago.

Krzysztof Karpiuk has allegedly been living under an assumed identity.

Krzysztof Karpiuk is wanted in his native Poland on charges of robbery, assault and extortion dating back to 2001.

He is accused of threatening to burn down a bar, robbery at knife point and of taking part in beating a man within an inch of his life.

He was picked up by gardaí on a European Arrest Warrant in Ireland in April 2008, and was granted bail, but took a bench warrant when he failed to show for his next court appearance.

He has been at large for more than six years. According to gardaí, he assumed a new identity.

Det Sgt Martin O'Neill from the extradition unit gave evidence to the High Court today that he arrested the 36-year-old at a house on Ellesmere Avenue in Dublin 7 just before 8am this morning.

Krzysztof Karpiuk is now in custody and will appear in court again next month.

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