Voting underway in local, European and by-elections

Polling stations have opened across the country as people elect 11 MEPs, two TDs and 949 local councillors.

People who are registered to vote can do so until 10pm tonight. Voting has already taken place on the islands.

Some 3.3 million people can vote in the local elections; 3.2 million have a vote in the European elections; 63,000 can vote in Dublin West and 86,000 have a vote in Longford Westmeath.

Most voters will get two ballot papers - a white one for Europe and one of another colour for their local electoral area, but those in Dublin West and Longford Westmeath will also get a third green one as they elect new TDs.

Candidates will be listed in alphabetical order by surname and voters are required to put a number in order of preference in the box beside each candidate.

You do not need your polling card to vote, but you may need a valid form of photo ID such as your passport, driving licence or student or public services card.

Polling stations remain open until 10pm tonight.

Ballot boxes will then be transferred to the secure count centres overnight and will be opened and sorted tomorrow morning before counting of the local and by-elections gets underway.

The Euroopean election votes will be transferred to the three constituency count centres where counting gets underway on Sunday.

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