Violent Dublin gang 'used trains to evade gardaí'

A violent Dublin gang suspected of a series of robberies have used the train to make their getaway.

The gang successfully avoided gardaí by using public transport.


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Irish Examiner reports the Ballyfermot-based gang has been linked to burglaries across the country over the past five years.

It has now emerged the gang leaders, who moved to Dublin from Tipperary, used the train after they trageted two homes in Co Limerick and violently attacked the families.

Taking the train on the night of the raids meant they successfully evaded garda checkpoints along the N7.

The Irish Examiner's Jimmy Woulfe and Sean O'Riordan report: "Gardaí investigating the aggravated burglaries near Pallasgreen were mystified that the principal figures in the gang could not be traced, although three gang members from Cork and Limerick were arrested — two were intercepted in a stolen BMW when travelling back to Cork City.

"...Irish Rail staff were able to identify the gang when shown photos by gardaí. Apparently they were regulars on the Dublin/Limerick Junction service."

The stolen goods were held by accomplices in Limerick and Cork before being delivered to Dublin.

It is also claimed that some of the gang used free travel passes, though this could not be confirmed, and also used the train to watch target homes.

Two members of the gang were recently jailed at Limerick Circuit Court.

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