VIDEO: President Higgins meets British PM Cameron on State visit

The President Michael D Higgins has been meeting British Prime Minister David Cameron for lunch in Downing Street, on the second day of his State visit to the UK.

Earlier he visited the Royal Society of Science in London where he spoke of the strong influence of Irish people on science in Britain, as far back to the 1640s.

He referenced one of his predecessors, Eamon De Valera who was a fellow of the society.

He also spoke about Robert Boyle, the son of the Earl of Cork and one of the most prominent Irishmen to have made science his vocation.

The British Prime Minister told President Higgins that he was "really excited" about the things the UK and Ireland are doing together.

In his only public words of the State visit, David Cameron said it was a privilege to be in his job when Anglo-Irish relations are on such a high.

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