VIDEO: Dramatic footage of woman running from massive wave

This woman in Tramore had a lucky escape whilst out walking her dog yesterday after a freak wave threatened to wash her out to sea.

Shot by Liam Sinnott of “just outside Moe's cafe and T-Bay Surf Club” in Tramore, the shocking footage shows just how dangerous walking near coastlines can be as storms continue to batter the country.

“The sea had gone quiet for over 30 minutes when suddenly a large wave came over the sea wall and caught the lady, nephew and her dog out,” the caption on the Facebook page stated.

“When you're out looking at storms be very careful as the ocean is a very powerful force and can surge at any time. Keep well back from the coastline. This could happen to anyone at any stage.

“With more storms on the way please stay safe and Always respect the Ocean!”

“The woman and her well looked after dog are ok now. They simply got caught out by the power of the ocean and this can happen to anyone at any stage during a storm. Stay safe out there people.

“This video clip has been uploaded to raise awareness of safety in storms before someone gets seriously hurt or loses a life. Please share the message.”

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