VIDEO: Cork City Hall sees protest in solidarity with Apollo House sit-in

A peaceful protest has taken place outside City Hall in solidarity with the Apollo House sit-in in Dublin.

The Home Sweet Home Cork movement has organised today's protest to show their support for the occupiers of the building who are in the High Court seeking permission to stay longer.

The occupants claim the alternative accommodation offered to them is “unsafe and unsuitable”.

A spokesperson for Home Sweet Home in Cork told the Irish Examiner: "Today is a solidarity protest being co-ordinated with other groups around Ireland, as well as Apollo House in Dublin.

"When Simon Coveney retreated from his promises, we realised that the issue needed to be kept alive, so today we decided to come into City Hall for a peaceful protest.

"It highlights the fact that in Cork, one of our biggest issues is not just the visible homeless in the streets, but we really want to highlight the issue of invisible homeless."

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