VIDEO: Bishops meet to discuss referendum, as students claim State's highest-ever youth turn-out

Catholic Bishops will meet this morning to discuss the outcome of the same-sex marriage referendum.

The Standing Committee of the Council of Bishops is set to reflect on Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's comments that the vote serves as a "reality check" for the Church here.

They will also discuss the number of clerics who publicly stated they would vote in favour of marriage equality in Friday's vote.

Meanwhile, the Union of Students of Ireland claims the referendum saw the highest youth turnout in the history of the State.

The USI said two thirds of the 66,000 people on the supplementary register were students.

The #hometovote campaign on social media is also credited with mobilising a large youth vote. More than 70% of those who have emigrated since the since the start of the recession have been under the age of 30.

USI President Laura Harmon also believes there was a direct correlation between the number of Yes votes and the location of college campuses.

"We looked at Dublin North West, for example. Overall that constituency had about a 60% turn-out, but when you look at the boxes from near Dublin City University, there were six boxes that had an over 80% turn-out and another six with an over 70% turn-out.

"There was another box near Trinity that had a 90% Yes votes."


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