Varadkar's popularity has risen amid Brexit controversey, polls say

Leo Varadkar's popularity as leader has risen amid the Brexit controversy.

His approval rating has gone up 4 points to 53%, according to an Ipsos Mrbi opinion poll in today's Irish Times.

The Taoiseach's party, Fine Gael, is also experiencing an increase in support - its on 36% an extra 5 points since the last poll in October.

Fianna Fáil is down 4 to 25%, Sinn Féin is unchanged at 19%, Labour has not moved at 4%, while the Independents and others are down 1 to 16%.

Sinn Féin are the most popular party among 18-24 year olds with 33% support.

At the other end pensioners are heavily in support of Fine Gael, with 45% of over 65s saying they'd vote for Leo Varadkar's party.

Fine Gael have more support than Fianna Fáil in every region, except Munster where Fianna Fáil have a one point lead.

The poll also shows top level professionals and farmers are heavily in support of Fine Gael

The Government's satisfaction rating is also the highest its been for any government since 2008.


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