Varadkar says Yes vote in referendum will not change church marriages

Health Minister Leo Varadkar has said that whatever rules the Catholic church or any other religion wants to make around marriages is their own business.

Minister Varadkar was speaking as a group of health professionals united to call for a YES vote in the referendum on marriage equality later this month.

He said that the referendum is about civil marriages and it has nothing to do with church marriages.

"Whatever rules the Catholic church, and any church, decides to make is their own business and it is their own prerogative to make their own rules," said Minister Varadkar.

"That will remain the case after the referendum. Ireland voted to bring in divorce 20 years ago, to allow people to get divorced with the right to re-marry.

"And it remains the case 20 years later that nobody has forced the Catholic Church, or any church to re-marry people against their own doctrine."


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