Varadkar reassures public after Wexford Hospital confirms patient recall

Update 10.20am: Leo Varadkar has today moved to reassure the public after it was confirmed that hundreds of bowel screening patients have been recalled by Wexford General Hospital.

“What I can reassure people [of] is that we have absolutely no evidence whatsoever that this has occurred anywhere else,” he said.

“I want to extend my sympathies to the dozen or so people effected, their families, particularly [the] probable death that might have been avoided had this been picked up much sooner.

“What’s now being done is the recall of all of the 600 patients, that’s almost complete, there’s only one more patient to be retested.

“What we now need to do, which is the most important thing, is quality assurance and assistance review.”

Earlier: A statement on behalf of Wexford General Hospital has confirmed a recall of patients who had undergone bowel screening.

Around 600 patients had undergone bowel screening at the facility during the period between April 2013 to November 2014, which is being "thoroughly and comprehensively" investigated.

The Ireland East Hospitals Group - which manages Wexford General - said that the recall was managed in accordance with HSE policy.

It said last night: “The recall of patients that arose from a recheck of Bowel Screen colonoscopies at Wexford General Hospital in 2014 has been thoroughly and comprehensively investigated.

“Throughout the process, patients and their families have been provided with full information, appropriate follow up and treatment as needed in a timely manner.

“The subsequent report and its findings are now in the final stages of preparation.”


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