Varadkar: Minister 'allowed penalty points controversy to go on for too long'

The Transport Minister Leo Varadkar says Alan Shatter "allowed" the penalty points controversy to go on too long.

The Dáil will further debate an opposition motion of no confidence in Alan Shatter today, however the Government has also put down a counter motion of confidence.

Minister Varadkar says the Justice Minister let the whistleblower drag on, but threats, such as the suspicious package left outside his home this morning, are unacceptable.

Mr Varadkar also says the Department of Justice's Secretary General should not appear before an Oireachtas Committee.

The Minister says Brian Purcell should not have to face questions from TDs about the timeline of the Garda Tapes controversy, because it is already being probed by a Commission of Investigation.

The Transport Minister says the Justice Committee can make its own decisions, but he says he would prefer if they did not call Brian Purcell before a hearing.

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