Varadkar: Medical services may be provided on basis of need, regardless of income

The Health Minister Leo Varadkar says the Government may have to look at providing specific services to those who normally get discretionary medical cards.

The services could be provided rather than a card which covers all medical needs.

Leo Varadkar has been dubbed "foolish" by the founder of the Jack and Jill Foundation after the Minister said all people could not be guaranteed medical cards.

Jack and Jill Foundation CEO Jonathan Irwin said: "What he did was foolish - he needs to listen, he needs to wait for his expert panel, and then we'd certainly be delighted to see him.

"I believe him to be a man of great integrity and great intellect. But to come out like that was a serious mistake."

Minister Varadkar's comments came before an expert panel set up by Government to look at discretionary medical cards has completed its review.

The Minister says the review will be allowed to finish before any decision is made by the Coalition.

He said: "There's an expert medical panel in place, what they are looking at is how medical services, not necessarily medical cards, can be extended to people on the basis of medical need regardless of their income.

"Absolutely, we are going to wait until they have reported before making any decisions and that is actually what I said last Friday."

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