Varadkar: Kerry drink-driving motion sends out negative image of Ireland

Transport Minister Leo Varadkar said today that the idea of drink-driving permits sends out the wrong message about Ireland.

Earlier this week, Kerry County Council passed a motion in favour of allowing people to consume up to three pints - and drive afterwards.

It was suggested that permit holders would have to keep their speed below a certain level and drive on infrequently used roads.

However, Minister Varadkar said that he does not agree with Kerry County Council's decision.

"It doesn't really send out a good message internationally about Ireland," he said.

"Councils, of course, are entitled to pass any motion they like, and that’s not for me to prescribe to them, but while rural isolation is a real problem, and I accept that, the solution to it isn't to hand out drink-driving permits.

"So obviously it's something I very much disagree with."

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