Varadkar: I still think it's likely that we will have Brexit deal

The Taoiseach says every day we move closer to getting a no-deal Brexit.

But Leo Varadkar still thinks it is likely the House of Commons will pass the withdrawal agreement.

Theresa May met with her cabinet this morning as she tries to get support for the deal in parliament.

The EU has said it is increasingly likely there will be no deal, but Leo Varadkar is still hopeful.

"I still think it's likely that we will have a deal," said Mr Varadkar.

"However, as every day passes, no-deal does become more likely and that's just a statement of the fact.

"So, we're intensifying our no-deal preparations. They've been very much underway now for months if not years. And they are being intensified and finalised at the moment.

"I think we need to see know what happens in Westminster over the course of next couple of days and couple of weeks and we'll take it from there."

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