Vacant properties in Dublin can house all homeless in the capital, says leading architect

There are nearly enough vacant properties in Dublin to house all the homeless people in the capital, according to a leading architect.

The latest Rebuilding Ireland Report shows only 454 social houses were built in the first six months of the year.

Meanwhile, the housing waiting list is increasing by 260 families a week but the Taoiseach suggested recently that many so-called vacant homes may not be readily available for use.

Architect Mel Reynolds thinks the government needs to look at these properties again to solve the homelessness crisis.

He said that the department need to "join the dots" and be "proactive" on the issue.

"We know that rebuilidng Ireland has no detail proposals yet for the reuse of vacant buildings.

"Existing vacant properties are the only game in town for an immediate solution to the homeless problems we have," he said.


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