US tourist likely to have glass embedded in face for good after Dublin assault

A court has heard how an American tourist still has glass embedded in his face after intervening in a robbery in Temple Bar in Dublin.

His brother's arm was also broken after they tried to help the victim on April 29, 2012.

Garth and Patrick Russell were out for drinks with their cousin when they stumbled upon what looked like a robbery taking place at Merchants Arch.

The gang turned on Garth after he intervened and threatened to call the cops.

The groups separated after a brief scuffle, but the gang armed themselves with bottles and followed the Americans down the quays.

Garth was hit twice in the head and the court heard there is still some glass embedded in his face that is likely to be there indefinitely.

A man has already been jailed for breaking his brother's arm during the fight.

Three men - Ian Dent of Stanaway Road, Crumlin, Richard Fish of St. Anthony's Road, Rialto and Aidan Finnegan of Reuben St. Rialto - will be sentenced for their part in the assault on Monday.

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