Update: Board of Coombe Hospital have 'no role whatsoever' in approving an abortion

File photo of the Coombe Hospital.

A woman who has learned her foetus has a fatal foetal abnormality has been denied an abortion, according to two TDs.

Ruth Coppinger and Brid Smith told the Dáil they had been contacted by the woman, who says this is not what she voted for in last year's abortion referendum.

The Tánaiste Simon Coveney said the case was a matter for doctors and that the law is very clear.

Solidarity TD Ruth Coppinger described the allegations:

She said: "I've been contacted by a woman who has a fatal foetal abnormality that has been certified by two consultants, and now it appears that the board of the Coombe Hospital is refusing her constitutional right that we all voted for to have an abortion at a time that she chooses.

"Instead, they have told her that she must wait another four weeks to see if there is a spontaneous miscarriage."

Update: The board of the Coombe Hospital in Dublin has 'no role whatsoever' in approving an abortion - according to a statement from the hospital.

They added that they cannot comment on individual cases but said the board has no role in decisions on terminations of pregnancy.

Meanwhile, the Abortion Rights Campaign have issued a statement condemning what they call an “abject failure of the legislation and the health service”.

“This is a complete contravention of the spirit of the legislation, international human rights standards and basic decency," said spokesperson Linda Kavanagh.

“This case shows that simply changing the law was not enough. Abortion must be realistically accessible as and when it is needed, and health services should respect the pregnant person and their choice at all times.

"We are appalled that the Board of the Coombe has taken it upon themselves to deny this woman an abortion she is legally entitled to, particularly in such a heartbreaking situation. We are grateful to this woman for coming forward and hope that she will soon receive the care she needs here in Ireland.”

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