UN Human Rights Committee rules against Ireland's abortion laws again

The UN Human Rights Committee has ruled against Ireland's abortion laws for the second time in just over a year.

They said the treatment of a woman who was denied an abortion in 2010 was cruel, inhuman and degrading.

Siobhán Whelan sought a termination after learning of a fatal foetal abnormality during her pregnancy.

She was denied it, and travelled to the UK for an abortion.

Leah Hocter from the European Centre for Reproductive Rights explained what the ruling means.

"That it is obliged, under international law, to guarantee non repetition of the violations she endured," she said.

"And what this means is that Ireland must take effective measures to ensure that other women do not have to face similar violations in the future.

"As a result, the committee has outlined that Ireland is obliged to undertake law reform, to change its laws on abortion so as to legalise abortion in Ireland."

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