UCD Student Union president faces impeachment referendum

Update 5.30pm: UCD Student Union President Katie Ascough, who is pro-life, maintains her decision to spend thousands of euro from the SU's budget removing a page of the student handbook about access to abortion was because of legal advice.

She says there were other achievements of her tenure which should be recognised.

"There's been lots of hard work over the summer, we've been working on student housing projects and had our first ever Fresh Fest during orientation week, lobbying the Government against the loan scheme and loads of other things," she said.

"I'd really love to come back to work on Friday and continue with all the hard work that I was elected to do."

Earlier: Students at UCD will be going to the polls over the next two days to vote in an impeachment referendum.

Student Union president Katie Ascough is facing the vote after information regarding access to abortion was removed from a student guide.

Ms Ascough, who is openly pro-life, claims she took out the information after legal advice.

"There are people who believe that the decision was made due to her personal belief and who see this as her being unable to separate her belief from her position," said University Observer Editor Aoife Hardesty.

"There are people who believe she shouldn't have had a part in anything to do with the abortion information as she had promised to delegate that issue," she said.

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