UCC President defends interview selection process in court

The President of UCC has today defended the selection process used to create a shortlist of candidates for 10 professorial roles in its business school.

The High Court has been listening to Dr Michael Murphy’s sworn statement as part of a legal action taken by a lecturer who was not called for interview.

Dr Joan Buckley helped set up the Cork University Business School and is the head of its management and marketing department.

At the end of last year, her application to be considered for one of 10 advertised professorial roles was unsuccessful.

The first round of interviews is due to take place next week, but she is seeking a High Court order to stop them from going ahead.

She claims the selection process was “grossly unfair and tainted” – an accusation strongly denied by UCC President Dr Michael Murphy.

In a sworn affidavit, he said it was carried out in full conformity with university regulations and in a transparent manner.

He acknowledged her “large contribution” to the school but said she was not entitled to any preferential treatment.

Fourteen candidates are due to be interviewed over three days beginning on Monday, so a decision on her application could be made today.

Update 6.45pm: UCC’s business school will hold its first wave of professorial interviews next week, but it’s been ordered not to make any appointments.

The order was made by a High Court judge who has been hearing a legal challenge brought by a senior lecturer who didn’t make the shortlist.

The hearing will resume next week.

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