Two-thirds of Irish parents don't get children to do housework, survey finds

Parents are being urged to get their children to help out more at home.

A survey of over 1,000 parents by and Bosch reveals that 83% of parents helped their parents with chores when they were children, but today only 33% of people get their children to do household chores.

Laura Erskine, from, said that helping out at home is important for children's development.

"It's a really good life-affirming skill," she said.

"It build confidence, it teaches children to be responsible, and of course Mums and Dads today are busier than ever with balancing home and work life, so actually involving your children in those everyday tasks really will contribute to a much smoother running home."

The survey also revealed the favourite and least favourite tasks among both adults and children.

"Vacuuming is reported as one of the most favourite chores for our young children," said Erskine.

"And food preparation - they really enjoy getting involved in helping with mealtimes.

"Unfortunately laundry is probably the least popular task for parents, and tidying a child's bedroom is a child's least favourite task."

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