Two thirds of GPs would not provide abortion pills, survey finds

A survey of almost 500 GPs has found that almost two thirds would not provide abortion pills if the 8th Amendment is repealed.

Instead, the survey found that GPs would favour following the UK's example where women are referred by GPs to NHS clinics for medical abortions and the pills come from there.

According to a report in the Irish Independent, of the almost 500 GPs surveyed by in a closed doctors' forum, almost 60% said they supported the repeal of the 8th Amendment, while 25% said they would vote against it. (3,700 GPs are registered with

Former Master of the National Maternity Hospital, Doctor Peter Boylan, expressed his scepticism of the study and said there will be plenty of medical support for women if abortion is legalised.

"It's not just your GPs, there are also women's health clinics, and I'm sure advanced nurse practitioners will be introduced if the Government goes ahead and if the legislation is successfully introduced, " he said.

The Cabinet is due to meet today to sign off on the bill to hold a referendum on the 8th Amendment.

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