Two polls show widening gap between Fine Gael and the rest of the parties

Two new opinion polls show Fine Gael have opened up a gap as the most popular party in the country.

They have an eight to 11-point lead over Fianna Fáil.

There are two new polls this morning - a Behaviour and Attitudes survey for the Sunday Times and the Sunday Independent's Kantar Milward Brown poll.

Both place Fine Gael on 36% support, with Fianna Fáil on 25% in one and 28% in the other.

Averaging Sinn Féin's totals would see Mary Lou McDonald's party on 18% support, while Labour still have seen no increase in support, on 5% in the Times poll and 4% in the Independent.

Solidarity People Before Profit are between one and three points.

Both put the Social Democrats poll at 1%, the Green Party are between 1 and 2 points, and 3-4% support for the Independent Alliance.

Independents are polling between 6% and 9%.

Both polls agree almost half of people are satisfied with the Government's performance.

There has also been another rise in Leo Varadkars satisfaction rating as Taoiseach, with the polls placing it at 55% or 58%.

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